Construction, Permits and Inspection Contacts

Building Permits for Residential construction and Remodeling

None Required

Electrical Inspections

Call AEP Customer Service for a licensed inspector.
AEP Does Not perform inspections

Phone: 1-800-572-1113

Health Department Environmentalist

Shelby Hall

Phone: (606) 324-7141

Food Service: Stephen Rud

Local Building Inspector

Michael Miller (City of Ashland)

Phone: (606) 327-2047

Logging Operations - Road Bonding

Operations on County Roads only.

Bobby Stewart

Phone: (606) 928-1285

Plumbing Inspector

Glenn “Dewain” Woolum

Phone: (606) 585-5579

Office Address: Boyd County Health Department
2916 Holt Street
Ashland, KY 41101

Sewer Service

Westwood- Sanitation District 2
Phone: (606) 325-8955

Cannonsburg Sanitation District 4
Phone: (606) 928-3936

Septice Tanks: Brent Barber
Phone: (606) 324-7141

State Elevator Inspector

Enoch Thomas

(606) 748-9461

State Manufactured Housing Inspector

Phillip McCord

(606) 748-9301

Commercial Building Permits for New Buildings and Remodeling

Ron Hampton

Phone: (606) 424-6943

Excavation of any kind

Stormwater Permit, Boyd County Ordinance 05-0

Phone: (606) 928-128

HVAC Inspector

Richard Gulley

Phone: (606) 748-9008

Logging Operations

Operations need Business License, Stormwater PErmit, and Encroachment Permits.
Please Contact Mike Hale with KY Division of Forestry.

Phone: (606) 594-4672

Mobile Home inspections Prior to applying to AEP for Service

KY State Fire Marshal

Phone: (502) 573-0382

Plumbing Permits and Inspections

Plumbing Inspector

Phone: (606) 324-6530

State Building Inspector

Ronald Hamilton

Phone: (606) 424-6943

State Right-of-Way Questions

Bruce McKenzie

Phone: (606) 928-9511

To move a Mobile Home

Contact local mobile home sales, they maintain lists of State Certified Movers and installers.

Water Service

Ashland Water: (606) 327-2041

Cannonsburg Water: (606) 928-9808

Big Sandy Water: (606) 928-2075